Bring value to your customers

Make strides toward improving added-value.

More than ever, suppliers are expected to deliver more than just quality products. Clinics count on exceptional service and product support. My DME Supplier helps clinic suppliers improve overall service, reimbursement, and compliance challenges. Through our platform, vendor and manufacturers alike are able to connect to customers and add value to the clinic customer's daily operations.

Increase added customer value

Value of communication

Communication is key to successful and productive relationships, Clinic-Supplier relationships are no exception. My DME Supplier enables vital communication between entities to improve order accuracy, inventory optimization, and multi-site group distribution.

Compliance Solution

Clinics are constantly challenged to improve the insurance compliance practices related to the dispensing of your products. Help your customers simplify the process of meeting the compliance standards set by major providers.


Insurance reimbursement is vital your customer's operating success. As the demands of insurance providers increase, more clinics are missing expected revenue due to denied reimbursements. Use My DME Supplier to give your customers access to our powerful tools which can alleviate the issues that cause those missed revenues.

Ideal Company Solutions

Choose a solution that meets your operational goals. Change licenses when you need more.

  • Standard Vendor
  • OM simplifies vendor ordering for increased order accuracy and fulfillment.
  • Live Manufacturer Catalogs
  • Custom Catalogs
  • Order Tracking
  • Multiple sites
  • Multiple Users
  • Dashboard
  • Get Demo
  • Standard Vendor/MFG
  • Connect your sales force and manufacturer product lines to your customer base.
  • All OM features
  • Auto-Ordering
  • Inventory Reporting
  • Prescribe and Dispense
  • Exportable Reports
  • Compliance Forms
  • Get Demo
  • PRO Vendor/MFG
  • Reach your customer base with extended tools and premium live catalogs.
  • OM + IMS Functionality
  • Patient-Product Management
  • Physician/Fitter E-Signatures
  • Auto Compliance codes
  • Full reporting
  • *EMR compatible (Additional fees apply)
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Implementing My DME Supplier in your sales force.

Starting with MDS is simple to start, and deploy.


Our consultants will review your product lines and customer base, and then determine your optimal organization configuration details.

1-2 hours


Our team uses the information from the prior consultation to configure your solution. Our team will help you mass-import your product lines to begin working on our platform.

2-4 Days


After configuration is complete, our team will help your prepare MDS to successfully deploy to your sales force. We facilitate training for your users and customers. Training is always available onsite, or distance via screen-share session.

1-7 days
Inventory setup & user training

Experience My DME Supplier: Online Vendor Demo

Online Demo

See the powerful platform in action.

Join one of our enterprise consultants for an in-depth look at the MDS platform. We can answer your questions, and show you how we can improve your sales force. Schedule a demo today!

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