Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Help your customers manage the products they purchase from you
  • Increase customer satisfaction by working together under the same supply chain platform
  • Customers will appreciate spending less time placing orders, managing inventory, and defending audits or claim denials

Sales Reps

  • Make onboarding and product education easier for your customers
  • Automatically update your customer's catalog and pricing with OrthoTOM’s® quote tool
  • OrthoTOM’s® marketing and sales tools help you manage all your customer engagements from your smartphone

Healthcare Providers

  • Order from any Manufacturer and Supplier that you choose
  • Make your claims compliant using workflows that you tailor for your operations
  • Apply correct fee schedules, including Competitive Bid Area (CBA)
  • Apply Eligibility and Same or Similar results when collecting charges
  • Cross-check ICD-10 codes to ensure Medicare medical necessity is supported

The Orthopedic Marketplace® (OrthoTOM®)

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Our passion is building vendor-neutral business solutions that allows Healthcare Professionals and Providers more effectively connect with their Suppliers.

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Suppliers and Providers are able to autonomously connect, where each organization is in control of their business’s data behind a secured firewall and security Model.

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Manufacturers, Direct and Independent Representatives utilize marketing and sales tools for Customer and Prospect product education and sales lead tracking. Customers appreciate spending less time placing orders, knowing order statuses, and tracking shipments.

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Clinics and Distributors also use supply management and reimbursement tools to order, inventory, and dispense products to their Patients, maximizing compliance and reimbursement revenue.

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The Orthopedic Marketplace® (OrthoTOM®) is a cloud-based environment that is designed to meet the needs of the Manufacturer, Direct Rep, Independent Rep, Distributor, and Healthcare Provider.

Suppliers: Manufacturers, Distributors, Direct and Independent Reps

Sales Rep Portal

OrthoTOM® SM+ART - Manage leads and service tasks via a mobile device…
Example: Manage your Customer and Prospect campaigns!

Share online catalog product information via customizable MyLists and integrated email

Quickly enter notes and outcomes for insightful reports regarding sales and needed follow-ups

Build, track, complete, and analyze sales history

Marketing and Sales

Custom Catalog allows you to showcase products with videos, PDAC letters, and more

Process customer orders and provide real time status and tracking information

Customers will appreciate the one stop, on-line ordering capability


OrthoTOM® Schedule Management + Account Report Tool (SM+ART)

OrthoTOM® Professional Rep Page (PRP)

OrthoTOM® Catalog

The Professional Rep Portal (PRP)

OrthoTOM® SM+ART - Desktop and Mobile

Suppliers display their catalogs in an accessible platform that is searched by orthopedic professionals and prospects. OrthoTOM® allows Suppliers to offer easy ordering and tracking capabilities to their Customers.

Providers: Clinics, Clubs, Teams, and Distributors

Patient Dispense Management (PDM)

Capture more insurance reimbursement

Ensure compliancy with built-in forms and signatures

Track products and revenues by prescriber

Integrate with 3rd Party billing systems for Insurance and Workers' Compensation claims

Supply Management

Inventory: Custom Order Catalog, Auto-Orders, Stock Status, Par Levels, Barcodes

Online Ordering: Multi-Supplier – order from any or all Suppliers at the same time (Will save time vs. Phone or Fax)

Track order status real time (Processing, Shipped)

Provide shipping status via a link to the courier’s tracking information


Order Management (OM)

Inventory Management (IM)

Patient Dispense Management (PDM)

PDM + EHR/EMR Integration (PDMI)

Add-On Eligibility and Same or Similar Queries

OrthoTOM® Patient Dispense Management (PDM)

OrthoTOM® Order Management (OM)

The Orthopedic Marketplace® gives Providers access to all its Suppliers in one, central ordering experience. Providers may order from all their Suppliers at the same time vs. time-consuming separate orders. As an option, Providers may enable auto-orders, allowing the system to calculate and create the orders with the ability to review before submitting.

The Orthopedic Marketplace® also gives Providers a Patient dispense workflow that maximizes compliance and reimbursement.
Scenario: Front office records minimum Patient information for daily scheduled visits. The DME Coordinator accesses the visit and may dispense real time, or dispense at the end of the day.

The record of the visit includes: HCPCS, ICD-10 Codes, Pricing based on Patient’s Insurance, Competitive Bid indications, Doctor’s signature, Patient’s signature, Coinsurance collection, and any compliance document applicable to the visit such as Delivery form, Authorization form, Custom Fit form, ABN, Insurance Opt Out, Declined Product, Cash Receipt. The Billing Specialist is able to print the Patient Dispense Report ensuring all billings are recorded.

Reimbursement, Compliance, and Service solutions
all on a dynamic cloud platform

The Orthopedic Marketplace® is bringing a new powerful platform to the industry

Access Anywhere

Orthopedic Organizations demand the flexibility to work on-the-go. With a compatible browser and a reliable internet connection, users can conveniently utilize the OrthoTOM® Solutions from anywhere.

Inventory Optimization

Managing DME inventory has never been easier with OrthoTOM®. Our solution allows practices to quickly conduct inventory counts, and even automate restock orders.


Maximize Reimbursements

Every year, practices may lose thousands in revenue due to the complexities created by process and documentation requirements. With OrthoTOM®, clinic staff can confidently dispense DME products with an improved likelihood of reimbursement.

Compliance Made Easy

Managing and processing compliance documentation for DME products can be a huge burden for practices. Eliminate the hassle with our automated document production, applied competitive bid rules, assistance in matching ICD-10 codes that support medical necessity for products, and quick insurance queries. It's as easy as choosing a patient and diagnosis, then selecting a product.

OrthoTOM logo OrthoTOM® Patient Dispense

Connecting patients to DME products

Providers need the ability to accurately dispense DME products. OrthoTOM® PDM allows organizations to keep product on the shelf with minimal inventory, and efficiently dispense product while increasing reimbursement revenue.

OrthoTOM logo OrthoTOM® SM+ART

Connecting Sales Reps with Customers

Sales Reps will have an advantage in providing professional services to their Customers and Prospects. Reps will be able to create contacts, manage projects, and track tasks. Reps may store notes and outcomes that will improve follow-ups and increase sales.

OrthoTOM logo OrthoTOM® Order Management

Delivering products and knowledge

In order to meet patient needs, suppliers should strive to deliver DME products quickly and accurately. My DME Supplier® for Vendor allows product suppliers to meet the needs of PCOs. Orders can be verified and automatically sent through the platform, which improves processing time and order accuracy.

Our Team

Meet our team of dedicated developers, analysts and support consultants

John Dean - Founder and Owner

John Dean

Founder and Owner

John is the Founder and Owner of The Orthopedic Marketplace® company. He has built decades of experience in the Orthopedics industry with his company Motion Medical Inc. in Pelham, Alabama. John enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and traveling the world on mission trips.

Maegan Stamps

Business Support Analyst

Maegan is a Business Support Analyst on the team with a background in healthcare, research, and customer service. She has a degree in Psychology with minors in Spanish and Neuroscience. She loves spending time with her family (including her dogs), working on art projects, and journaling.

Andrew Polk

Integration Support Analyst

Andrew spent 2 years on the mission field in Honduras and enjoys spending time with his wife and young children.

Devin Hale

Implementation Support Specialist

Devin has a degree in education and extensive personal interest in technology. He has experience as a high school computer science teacher and band director.

Tom Johnson

Lead Software Architect

Tom is the lead software architect on the team with an extensive background in applications development and a degree in Computer Science. He enjoys home and yard improvement projects, martial arts and time with his family.

Could Be You

Software Engineer

We have openings for a full stack developer and a UI/mobile app developer. Contact us at if you are interested in applying and have at least a few years experience with .Net and/or ReachJS.

Mary Simons

Quality Assurance

Mary is a QA Analyst on the team. She has an extensive background in quality assurance. She enjoys painting, solving puzzles, and spending time with her family.

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