OrthoTOM® for Suppliers

Your products and your brand can stand out, solve problems and create market share with OrthoTOM®

Level the Technological Playing Field

We compete and win against other DME Software Solutions so you can get back doing what you do best; Sales and Service

There's nothing easy about competing in the orthopedic DME world

You have to create growing sales channels, handle supply chain problems and compete with larger companies.

OrthoTOM gives you the tools you need to sell more products, manage customer catalogs and forecast orders in real time.

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Give your brand the boost it needs with OrthoTOM®

Order Forecasting

Forecasting allows you to keep the right amount of DME all the time. No more over orders or under orders, saving your office money.

Vendor Neutrality

We are vendor neutral, meaning all products get equal exposure on our platform. Even small fish can swim in a big pond.

Integration Capability

Offers customizable workflow and easy integration with EMR. No need to be an IT guru to make this connection.

Join the orthopedic alliance and help your products stand out

Its easy to get left behind when you are a small fish in a big pond

Eliminate manual order entry in fulfillment.
Retain business by getting ahead of back orders.

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