Increased productivity through design.
coming Fall 2017 on v.2.0

New features and improvements for the upcoming Version 2.0 update:

Mobile Friendly

On 2.0, users can find the same powerful capabilities found on our desktop version, all on their mobile browser.

Navigation Optimized

With our new productivity-driven navigation, users can quickly access the functions that matter most to them. The unique expandable menu is adaptable for both new and power-users alike, helping anyone on our platform accomplish more.


Improved Data Visualization

Better interpret the valuable data My DME Supplier provides with improved data visualizations. Throughout 2.0, you can utilize smart graphs and charts to make sense of historic and live data.

Dynamic Product Panels

Product information and documentation is even better on Version 2.0. Everything you need to educate, fit, and care for a specific DME item; all in one place

My DME Supplier Team

Meet our team of dedicated developers and consultants.

Josh Chapman

Support Manager

Lead consultant for Implementation and Training. Josh has been working IT and Consulting for the past 10 years. He also is an avid reader and enjoys serving in the Army Reserve.

John Dean

Founder and Owner

John is the Founder and Owner of The Orthopedic Marketplace company. He has built decades of experience in the Orthopedics industry with his company Motion Medical Inc. in Pelham, Alabama. John enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and traveling the world on mission trips.

Tony Allison

Sr. Software Architect

Tony is the Senior Software Architect for My DME Supplier. He has worked with countless software development teams across multiple industries. In his time off, he enjoys programming and keeping up with his dog, Link.

Ben Reid

Software Developer

Ben is a software developer on the team. He has an extensive background in applications development, with a degree in Computer Science. Aside from work, he likes to mountain bike and spend time with his family.

KT Bowles

Project Management

KT has been working in the healthcare software implementation field for 20 years. He’s been lead project manager for numerous vendors and most recently expanding his business knowledge into software development and QA.

Nathan Turbville

Systems Analyst

Nathan is a Business Systems Analyst for the team. He has years of experience in web-based solutions development, with a degree in Management Information Systems. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and building stuff.

Connect with The Orthopedic Marketplace

2148 Pelham Parkway, Building 600
Pelham, AL 35124
P: 205.626.9363

The Orthopedic Marketplace is dedicated to providing a holistic approach and robust resource center for all things orthopedics. OrthoTOM is backed with passion, professionalism, and a lifetime filled with experience in the orthopedic world, and we look forward to serving your needs

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