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OrthoTOM® is designed for brace manfacturers, distributors, providers and sales professionals to come together for a better, more efficient durable medical equipment (DME) supply chain experience.

We built more than just a software platform. We created a robust, vendor-neutral alliance, breaking down walls that have existed in our industry for years.

Now with OrthoTOM® your sales, ordering, billing, tracking, reporting, marketing, customer support and patient education all exist together in one place. We've started a revolution in DME sales and management.

After having the chance to use a number of DME platforms over the last 17 years it was refreshing to have someone actually listen to our want and needs and tailor a system that not only meets our current needs but is also working with us on future goals of our DME department. Being able to pivot and tweak the little things have made a Big impact on our practice. OrthoTom has been the easiest platform with the most knowledgeable staff I have done business with.
Daniel D.
DME Director, OrthoGeorgia
OrthoTOM has been a great tool to add to my sales toolbox. I have been a sales rep at Motion Medical for over 15 years. I see my job as more than selling another brace to a customer; I want to uncover pain points, offer solutions and add value to each and every practice. As we have watched the DME world change dramatically over the years, practice administrators, physicians and DME personnel are looking for ways to help them not only manage their inventory and par levels, but to stay compliant as well. OrthoTOM has allowed for all of this, as it is an all-encompassing platform that manages regulations, reimbursements, replenishment of inventory, and ultimately practice revenue. DME-specific Eligibility Checks…Prior Authorization Alerts…Custom Fit Forms…Standard Written Orders…you name it…it’s all there, on one screen! I feel confident going against the “big guys” out there with their manufacturer-owned programs because the vendor-transparent OrthoTOM platform can not only do what those other programs do…but so much more. If you are seeking to be a solution-based salesperson instead of a product salesperson, then OrthoTOM is something you need to add to your bag.
Sales Rep, MMI
Medical software tends to look and feel so antiquated. OrthoTOM is modern, clean and easy to use!

OrthoTOM® Online Portal

Our groundbreaking online portal streamlines the ortho DME experience by fully integrating sales, ordering, inventory, reporting, reimbursement, billing and compliance for those working in the orthopedic industry.

Now the DME experience can be easier and better for everyone involved.

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